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  • Expandable Sides

  • Adjustable Legs

  • 10' Telescopic Ramp

  • Ramp Assist

  • Quick Ski Clamps

  • Rear Track Tie Down

  • Powder Coated

  • Caliber Ski Glides

  • All Aluminum Decking

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Dura Deck
additional features

PLATINUM Dura DeckElectric Sliding Sides ($880)

The electric sliding sides is a new feature for 2020. The sides can operate using the control box found on the inside of the tailgate or by remote. The electric motor has an 800lb pulling capacity to break off any ice build-up.

PLATINUM Dura DeckUndercarrige LEDs 

This highly recommended option provides light underneath the sled deck which makes locating tools, clamps, etc. much easier in the dark.

PLATINUM Dura DeckBluetooth Speaker

Connect to your sled deck's Bluetooth speaker and play your favorite jams! Whether you're at the parking lot unloading your sleds or at the college football tailgate, your truck is going to be where the party's at!

PLATINUM Dura DeckCustom Wrap

Customize your deck and make it your own with a custom wrap!

PLATINUM Dura DeckLong Box

Long box decks are $110 more than the standard price. The legs on long box decks are adjustable and can be moved so the deck can fit in a short bed truck also.

PLATINUM Dura DeckHeadache Rack LEDs

The built-in headache rack LEDs provide light to ease loading and locking down sleds in the dark.


  • How is the deck fastened to the truck bed?

    • Each deck includes 4x turnbuckles that mount the sled deck to your truck bed. No drilling required. 

  • Do we ship?​

    • Yes! We can ship anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Hit the "EMAIL US" button at the bottom of this page to send us an email and get a shipping quote. The decks are shipped via freight and need to be delivered to a commercial address with forklift access.  Otherwise, pick-up is in Tower City, ND.​

  • How much do the decks weigh? ​

    • It depends which model and what additional features are added, but typically the decks weigh around 500-600lbs. ​

  • How wide can the decks expand to?​

    • 102" fully expanded​

  • Can the decks be powder coated any color?​

    • Yes! Most of the decks we make are matte black, but we can do custom colors as well. (Custom colors may increase the lead time)​

  • What is the normal lead time on a sled deck?​

    • Normal lead times are around 3-4 weeks from start to finish.



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