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2022 GASGAS EX 350F

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 The big-bike, little-bike, best of both worlds bike! Ensuring proven performance, the EX 350F delivers the light and agile handling of a 250cc 4-stroke with power that's more than enough to satisfy any rider wanting the grunt of a 450cc 4-stroke. A truly versatile bike, together with WP suspension, awesome ergonomics and a cross-country specific 6-speed gearbox it's a truly user-friendly woods weapon, and one hell of a fun ride.
EX 350F
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BODYWORK feature image

Red. Very red and finished with just a little white! Enabling rider and bike to feel as one when darting in and out of trees, the vibrant bodywork on all GASAGAS cross country bikes is also a visual expression of our Spanish personality. Considered ergonomics allow unrestricted movement while our flat, high-grip seat profile delivers comfort and control in all conditions.

AIRBOX feature image
Allowing quick and easy filter changes, the airbox on all GASGAS cross country bikes is designed with precisely positioned inlet ducts that ensure maximum airflow and protection of the Twin Air filter. Ensuring perfect airflow to the engine guarantees maximum performance. The straightforward, no tools needed filter mounting system is super quick to use and 100 per cent reliable.
We fit high-quality Neken tapered handlebars to all of our cross country bikes. Ensuring rider comfort and control thanks to optimal pressure points on rider's hands, the left side ODI grip doesn't require gluing, while on the right, the vulcanized grip features an innovative integrated throttle mechanism. With easy to adjust free-play, by changing a cam, the progression of the throttle can also be altered.
FUEL TANK feature image
Allowing riders to ride further and enjoy longer rides, all GASGAS cross country bikes feature 8.5-liter (2.25 gal) fuel tanks, 1.5 liters bigger than on our motocross bikes. Made from transparent polythene to allow riders to easily see how much fuel is inside the tank, a bayonet style filler cap is also used to provide a tight, reliable seal. With a specific routing keeping the external fuel line safe, all bikes are fitted with a fuel level sensor. 
FRAME   feature image

If you're going to race in the woods, you need to be tough! We build our frames to be tough using lightweight, laser-cut chromium molybdenum steel, which is robot welded for complete accuracy. We also ensure riders have complete confidence crossing tree roots and rocks thanks to specifically engineered flex. Together with proven geometry, our frames deliver playful handling and the very best stability and are finished with a durable, red powder coating.



SUBFRAME feature image
With a short and compact profile all GASGAS motocross subframes are made from lightweight aluminum. The profile helps centralize mass while also keeping weight down.
Our triple clamps offer 3-way handlebar adjustment, which ensures riders of all sizes can accurately set the handlebars to best suit their needs. Featuring a 22mm offset the forged triple claps also ensure maximum stiffness for precise handling and front suspension action.
FRONT SUSPENSION feature image
Set-up for woods competition, all GASGAS cross country bikes comes fitted with 48mm WP XACT front forks with AER technology, providing incredible front-end damping for complete rider control. Firm enough to consistently handle high-speed bumps while also supple enough to ensure outstanding comfort across rough, broken edged terrain, they feature easy access clicker dials for quick adjustments and perfect rider set-up. Effective internal wizardry ensures consistent damping no matter how rough the terrain.
REAR SUSPENSION feature image
Matched to the linkage system fitted to all GASGAS cross country bikes, the WP XACT rear shock deliver 300mm of rear wheel travel to ensure awesome handling, the very best traction and maximum fun in the woods. With specific internal settings giving riders complete confidence across a wide-range of offroad terrains, in offering full rebound and high/low-speed compression adjustability the shock can easily be fine-tuned to meet the needs of beginners and seasoned racers alike.
feature imageSWINGARM
Exceptional strength at the lowest possible weight, and with visible chain adjuster marks to make chain adjustment quick and accurate. Our hollow, die-cast swingarms deliver durability and precision.
 MOTOR feature image

The DOHC 350cc motor might shares much of its design with the EX 250F motor but looks can be deceiving! Providing a significant increase in power and torque, the compact 4-stroke motor has a 450-rivalling power to weight ratio making it a strong and serious cross country racer. Compact and light, weighting just 27.2kg (59.9 lbs) the motor helps give our mid-sized cross country bike a lightweight, easy going character.


The EX 350F features an advanced DOHC cylinder head layout that is meticulously engineered to deliver performance and reliability. Internally, the DOHC layout features polished camshafts and low-friction DLC coated finger followers, which ensure zero friction and faultless operation. Together with the lightweight valves - 36.3mm intake and 29.1mm exhaust - they deliver awesome performance. In order to counteract the rotational force of the crankshaft and reduce vibration, the EX 350F engine uses a multifunctional counter balancer shaft, which also drives the water pump and timing chain.
CYLINDER & PISTON feature image
A large diameter, lightweight forged bridged-box-type CP piston sits inside the 88mm bore, 57.5mm stroke cylinder, pumping out the power that makes the EX 350F the seriously capable cross country racer that it is. The piston crown geometry is perfectly matched to the high-compression combustion chamber and as a result, the low oscillating mass delivers exceptional power, high revs and a broad, user friendly power band.
TRANSMISSION feature image
Allowing riders to maximize the full potential of the awesome EX 350F, the bike is fitted with a 6-speed forged transmission from Pankl Racing Systems. Ensuring the highest quality, durability and reliability, a wide-ratio transmission is used, which is specifically suited to cross country riding and racing. Additionally, a gear sensor allows the EMS to tailor a specific engine character suited for each gear
CRANKSHAFT feature image
Rarely seen but always working! The crankshaft fitted inside the EX 350F is key to driving the extremely high-speed moving parts inside the engine, which in turn unleash the unrivalled power achieved by the 350cc engine. Additionally, thanks to an oil feed that brings enhanced engine durability, the EX 350F enjoys long, 135-hour crankshaft service intervals, which save time, effort and cost.
CRANKCASE feature image
The EX 350F engine is designed to be compact while centralizing rotating masses, which means all internal moving shafts and parts are carefully positioned at the ideal center of gravity. As a result, riders can enjoy the best possible handling. Our high-pressure die cast production process guarantees minimal weight while maintaining strength.
EXHAUST SYSTEM feature image
Ensuring cross country specific power, our EX exhaust systems are designed to deliver the highest possible quality. The EX 250F, EX 350F and EX 450F exhaust systems are designed using an innovative 3D hydroforming process to ensure the best performance and lowest weight as well as a 2-part header pipe, which allows it to be removed without having to take out the rear shock. Further innovation allows for a short, compact silencer that doesn't increase noise levels.
DS CLUTCH feature image
Fitted with a Diaphragm Steel (DS) clutch ensures riders can quickly and easily keep the revs up on the EX 350F. Featuring a single diaphragm steel pressure plate instead of traditional coil springs the clutch basket is a single-piece CNC machined steel component, which allows the use of thin steel liners. Light and precise the clutch ensures a smooth and constant action no matter how much abuse it receives!
BRAKES feature image

From high-speed straightaways to technical forest single tracks, our Brembo brake calipers and high-performance 260mm front and 220mm rear discs deliver impressive stopping power and an all-important smooth, controllable action.

The Brembo hydraulic clutch fitted to all GASGAS cross country bikes gives a super smooth action and a consistent biting point no matter how long, or hard, or hot or cold, a ride is. With play constantly adjusted so that the function remains consistent the light action also minimizes rider tiredness.
Efficient and lightweight radiators give all of our cross country bikes a low center of gravity for best possible handling and are expertly crafted using high strength aluminum. They also keep our bikes cool no matter how hard they're raced, or how challenging the super muddy, slow speed forest trails become. Integrated into the frame eliminates the need for additional hoses while the slim design of the radiators ensures a narrower bike with class-leading ergonomics.
WHEELS  feature image
Built to take a beating as well as being super-easy to take in and out when changing tires. The silver, high-strength wheels we fit to our cross country bikes are built around CNC machined hubs, using lightweight spokes and silver anodized aluminum nipples for strong and reliable construction.
  TYRES feature image
Digging into slippery grass tracks, muddy, rutted forest trails and gripping super-click rocks and stones, Dunlop GEOMAX AT81 tires are fitted as standard on all GASGAS cross country bikes, delivering top performance, long durability and the highest levels of grip. An optimized tread pattern is designed to inspire confidence and improve traction and braking performance across all terrain types.   
88 mm
57.5 mm
Weight (without Fuel)
100.5 kg
Tank Capacity (approx.)
8.5 l
220 mm
260 mm

As well as controlling the Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) on all our 4-strokes, the Keihin EMS system also features a gear sensor, tailoring the delivery of power for each gear. Small and light, the Keihin unit is super-fast at processing engine data.   

THROTTLE BODY feature image
Our 4-stroke cross country bikes use 44mm Keihin throttle bodies , ensuring precision, smooth action and high-performance. On the EX 250F the injector is positioned to deliver the most efficient flow into the combustion chamber, guaranteeing super sharp throttle response.
All GASGAS EX models are fitted with an E-starter, guaranteeing the one thing all cross country riders and racers want, super easy electric starting! A Li-Ion 2.0 Ah battery, which weighs approx. 1kg less than a conventional lead battery, ensures bikes conveniently fire into life each and every time while keeping overall weight down. No matter if riding conditions are super cold, or a bike has got super hot, all of our cross country models guarantee reliable starting.

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