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2022 GASGAS MC 85 17/14

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 The GASGAS MC 85 17/14 is the same non-nonsense performance bike as the MC 85 19/16 but on smaller wheels to get the youngster started even earlier. An exciting full-on race bike that allows them to continue developing their skills, armed with its powerful and reliable motor, WP suspension and bodywork that's specifically designed to suit the growing young riders, it's a mini racer that delivers performance and durability and a whole lot of fun.
MC 85 17/14
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BODYWORK feature image

The mini motocrosser most riders will compete on before stepping up to one of our full-sized bikes, we wanted to make sure the MC 85 looks as good as it performs. Giving growing riders the space they need to easily and comfortably move around, the bike's ergonomics help boost confidence. The striking red of the bike's panels, and the high grip seat cover, certainly help the MC 85 stand out from the pack

AIRBOX feature image
The MC 85 features an airbox that keeps the motor breathing while also protecting the filter from dust and dirt. Easily accessed, without tools, by removing the left side panel, the Twin Air filter can be changed simply and quickly thanks to our fail proof mounting system.
The MC 85 features a lightweight and strong tapered aluminum handlebar that's fitted with a throttle assembly that allows for easy free play adjustment. Additionally, the MC 85 comes with ODI lock on grips as standard. The system includes a vulcanized grip on the right side and a lock on grip on the left side, which needs no glue or wire for mounting.
FRAME feature image

As they charge harder, youngsters need to build their confidence, which is where the MC 85 frame comes into its own. With geometry that incorporates tailored flex, the frame moves in harmony with the suspension to effortlessly soak up bumps and ensure high-speed stability. Further assisting riders, the 'no dirt' footpegs prevent mud building up when riding through deep ruts, ensuring foot pegs return to their original position each and every time.



SUBFRAME feature image
Essential to the ergonomics of the rear-end of the MC 85, the lightweight aluminum subframe contributes to the bike's overall low weight and mass centralization and features a short and compact profile.
FRONT SUSPENSION feature image
As riders get bigger, faster and more confident, they need suspension that allows them to keep charging hard. The MC 85 is fitted with the latest WP XACT forks, which feature a 43mm split fork design using a capsuled air spring in the left leg and the trusted oil damping system in the right leg. Lighter than conventional spring forks, adjustment is simple thanks to the single air pressure valve and supplied air pump. Easy access clickers allow compression and rebound changes.
REAR SUSPENSION feature image
Our one-piece aluminum swingarm offers exceptional strength and the lowest possible weight. Made using a gravity die-cast production process, prominent chain adjustment marks are clearly visible for quick and easy chain adjustment.
feature imageSWINGARM
Our one-piece aluminum swingarm offers exceptional strength and the lowest possible weight. Made using a gravity die-cast production process, prominent chain adjustment marks are clearly visible for quick and easy chain adjustment.
 MOTOR feature image

Make no mistake about it, the 85cc class is super competitive, which is why we've built a motor that delivers unrivalled performance using the latest 2-stroke technology. Featuring an innovative power valve to ensure a smooth spread of power across the full rev range, it's a system that can be tailored simply and effectively.


CYLINDER & PISTON feature image
The cylinder is designed around the innovative power valve system, which controls both the exhaust valve and the sub exhaust port for significantly enhanced power, torque and controllability. As a result, the MC 85 delivers significant mid-range performance reducing the need to use the clutch in loamy or sandy conditions.
TRANSMISSION feature image
Ensuring riders can keep in the sweet spot of the power at all times, the MC 85 features a lightweight 6-speed transmission. Additionally, and similar to the ‘no dirt’ foot peg design, a self-cleaning gear selector prevents the build-up of dirt for complete control in all conditions.
CRANKSHAFT feature image
Allowing the MC 85 motor to both rev free and deliver unsurpassed torque and reliability, the crankshaft is precisely balanced for minimal vibration and oscillating mass.
CRANKCASE feature image
Our crankcases are manufactured using a high pressure die-cast production process, which keeps wall thickness to a minimum while retaining strength and durability. The compact design of the crankcases position the internal shaft arrangements as close as possible to the bike's center of gravity, further helping the bike's seriously impressive handling characteristics.
CLUTCH feature image
When the chequered flag is in site squeezing every last drop of power out of the MC 85's motor is all that matters. Allowing riders to keep the revs high, the bike features a super lightweight hydraulic system by Formula, which removes the need for adjustment and delivers a consistent biting point. Internally the MC 85 has a diaphragm spring clutch. The exclusive characteristics of this system include a single diaphragm steel pressure plate instead of traditional coil springs.
EXHAUST feature image
Made in a 3-dimensional stamping process our 2-stroke pipes are then robot welded to ensure the best levels of quality and durability. Key to ensuring the MC 85 revs freely, the exhaust aides the bike's outstanding motor performance and all-round rideability
BRAKES feature image

Holeshots require late braking, deep into the first turn. Ensuring riders can be late on the brakes and still take the line they need, the MC 85 features 240mm front and 220mm rear wave disks and floating brake calipers from Formula. Together they deliver powerful braking, consistent pad wear and give riders complete confidence.

RADIATORS feature image
In order to keep our high-revving MC 85 motor cool we designed the bike's radiators using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) - clever tech that allows our engineers to ensure the ideal airflow through the cooling fins. Ensuring the motor stays at an optimum temperature guarantees the highest levels of performance, across all conditions. Additionally, the radiator shrouds not only serve as protection from flying mud and debris they also serve as a brace diverting energy around the radiators in the event of a fall or heavy impact.
WHEELS & TYRES feature image
Aluminum rims and CNC machined hubs are fitted with Maxxis tires for consistent grip on a variety of terrains and track types. With the robust wheels ensuring reliability, the tire's rubber compound delivers exceptional straight-line stability and excellent traction.
47 mm
48.95 mm
Weight (without Fuel)
67 kg
Tank Capacity (approx.)
5.2 l
220 mm
240 mm

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